WARNING! The guide is filled with spoilers including full maps. The locations of traps are hidden but can be activated by clicking the map where indicated.


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2Did you know?

Although the guide is written in a particular sequence it is designed so you can play the locations in any order you want (within the limitations of the plot). If you want to skip to a different area just use the Map in the navigation menu.

3Really useful things

  1. Quest Checklist (print it off and check every quest as you play)
  2. Map Mega List (links to every location in the game presented in numerical order)
  3. Miscellany (tips on where to sell those oddities you pick up along the way, and many other things)

4What you should install

In writing this guide I installed:

  1. Baldur's Gate
  2. Tales of the Sword Coast
  3. TotSC Patch BGTalesUK5512 (or equivalent)
  4. Kevin Dorner's Baldurdash fixes BG1FixPack11 and BG1TOSCGameTextUpdate11
  5. Dudleyville's DudleyFix FixPacks #1, #2 and #3

It is not essential to install either the Baldurdash fixes or the DudleyFixes as they do not affect the plot, though they fix a multitude of mistakes. It is important to install the above items in the order stated.

5A brief history of bug-fixing

No, don't fall asleep! Very important. First there was Baldur's Gate, then it got patched by Bioware, then a certain Mr Dorner fixed more bugs with the glory of Baldurdash, then Dudleyville fixed even more bugs, then the Pocket Plane Group polished it all off with the BG1 Unfinished Business mod.

The changes that have been made to quests, NPCs, loot, etc. if you have installed the DudleyFixes are highlighted in the walkthrough in orange text.

I will update the walkthrough with the effects of BG1 Unfinished Business in due course.


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