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Gaining the most from the Guide

The spells in this guide are broken into Mage and Priest Schools by Level.

Mage School   Priest School
Mage Spells   Priest Spells


In each Level the spells are ranked according to their effectiveness on the battlefield in Baldur's Gate I and Baldur's Gate II.

Where your Character is limited to learning only so many spells and memorising even fewer you need to be choosy:

  • which ones do you learn?
  • which to memorise for battle?
  • which to cast direct from the scroll?
  • which to sell for cold hard cash?

For example, if your Mage has an INTELLIGENCE attribute of 16 you will only be able to learn 11 spells for each Level.

Choosing which 11 spells can 'spell' life or death against difficult opponents. Memorising a slew of Shocking Grasp spells will see you deader than an old dead thing (because it's an almost useless spell).

Of course, if you have an INTELLIGENCE of 19 you can learn all the spells you want although you will still have to pick your spells for memorising wisely.

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The impact of DudleyFix

DudleyFix has fixed errors in the BG1 spells and brought many closer to those in the 2nd Edition Player's Handbook (and supplements). Changes to a spell's level compared to the original game are marked in grey on the appropriate pages.

How Oogi rates the spells

Good as goldGold dust

Mages - Write these spells to your Spell Book.

Mages / Priests - These spells should occupy several of your memorised spell slots.


Part of your regular dietBread and butter

Mages - Use these spells to fill up your Spell Book once you are sure there is enough room to learn the Gold dust spells.

Mages / Priests - You should probably memorise one of each of these spells depending on available space in the memorised slots.


Gives you hangoversCheap beer

Mages - Only write these spells to your Book if there is any room left over once both Gold Dust and Bread and butter spells have been learnt.

Mages / Priests - Memorise these spells only as need dictates. You will need them rarely.


It stinksHorse dung

Mages - Only write these spells to your Book if ALL other spells have been written for that Level and you need the experience (otherwise sell them).

Mages / Priests - There is really very little prospect of you needing these spells.


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