What is DudleyFix?

DudleyFix aims to continue in the spirit of the Baldurdash FixPacks (created by Kevin Dorner) by squashing bugs in BG1 & TotSC not already addressed by Baldurdash. Feedback is always welcome.

Big thanks to Smoketest (the bug fixer's bug-fixer!), Idobek, Zelig, Jonathan Ellis, Great Hierophant, Salivator, Tommi S., Salk, Robert, drake127, Idran, Necaradan and others for their invaluable contributions.

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What does DudleyFix do to BG1?

Short answer:

There are currently over 700 fixes, but here is a very small sample of what you can expect:

  • Fixes the annoying problem on a lower level of Durlag's Tower where all the doors you had painstakingly opened shut if you decide to sleep, leaving you either trapped or unable to progress.
  • Ensures that many characters (such as Ramazith) who said they are giving you a gift or reward but didn't because they were missing the items in their inventory are now correctly equipped. Also ensures that evil choices are not illogically rewarded, such as giving Abela to Ramazith knowing that he intended to harm her. Doing so will now earn you a severe Reputation penalty.
  • Fixes exploits such as being able to kill Tazok at the Bandit Camp, only to find him very much alive at the Temple of Bhaal. He will now escape. His prized gauntlets can be found in the main tent. Fixes the exploit whereby you could get away with only returning one emerald to Oublek. He will now reward you for your honesty if you return both.
  • Fixes the Marek quest so you cannot kill or pickpocket him for the antidote at the first encounter, only to find you've broken the quest or have two antidotes as you should only be cured at the second encounter. Like any cunning villain, he will not be carrying the antidote on him when he threatens you (that's just plain stupid), and killing him without knowing whether he has the antidote is also plain stupid.
  • Fixes the party NPCs who had errors such as missing saving throw bonuses for their race or class, illegal weapon proficiencies for their class, missing or excessive proficiencies for their level, missing or excessive hit points for their level, missing spells from their priest spell books and missing innate abilities.
  • Amends the voyages to and from Werewolf Island so that the game clock now shows they take 20 days rather than 3 hours.
  • Re-enables additional original content such as Aldeth's betrayal of the group.
  • Fixes orientation errors which caused the party to appear in new areas back-to-front. This would lead to the sudden death of the exposed and weaker members of the group (i.e. mages).
  • Fixes weapons that would lose their colours if the wielder was hit by a Dispel Magic spell.
  • Fixes many spells so that they increase in power, range or duration according to the level of the caster as described in your spell book. Most of them didn't, believe it or not. Additionally, friendly spells will now bypass magical resistance and Polymorph Self will transform you into creatures more comparable to the ones you encounter rather than weakened versions.
  • Fixes shops and stores so that they will now buy bolts.
  • Fixes bucket-loads of spelling and grammatical errors.

Long answer:

There are currently over 700 fixes which are revealed in full mind-numbing detail through the links in the navigation menu. This answer might look ironic but it isn't...

Where can I download the FixPacks?

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