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DudleyFix has collected (and endeavoured to fix) bugs in BG1 and TotSC.

Friday 14th July 2006

Dudleyville has come back to my attention once more and I'm amazed at how much good the BG community continues to do years after the original Baldur's Gate game was released. Head on over to the Pocket Plane Group to see what I mean.

Some updates have been made to this web site's BG1 Walkthrough - it now includes the changes made by the DudleyFix fixes. But don't worry, for the purists among you I have kept the old walkthrough (reflecting only the Baldurdash fixes).

Next up will be for me to update the above walkthrough with the changes introduced by the Pocket Plane Group's BG1 Unfinished Business mod. This excellent addition squashes even more game inconsistencies and ressurrects plot threads left unfinished by the developers. It's not so much a mod as a true completion of the game by some very talented folks of the fan community using fragments of plots and dialogue buried away in the game files.

Finally, I'm going to bite the bullet and have a crack at writing a BG2: Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal Walkthrough. It was always going to be late but these things can't be rushed!

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BG1 Walkthrough

Dudleyville's BG1 & TotSC Walkthrough

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BG2 Walkthrough

Coming Soon - Dudleyville's BG2 & ToB Walkthrough