Oogi's School

How to counter defensive spells

Oogi presents his 4 stage plan to bringing down mages' defences.

Not all defensive spells are included here - only those considered troublesome.

1. Try the counters listed opposite

Spells marked in bold are the best spell(s) for the job.

2. Dispel / Remove Magic

Your next option, if the counters don't work, is to dispel the mage's magic. The success of these spells depends on the level of the caster compared to the level of the magic being dispelled. However they are very useful spells, though Dispel Magic is a little reckless in who it affects.

3. When these fail

Call in a Cleric or Druid who have some pretty mean spells of their own.

Try area effect spells such as:

  • Cloudkill

Try summoning higher level monsters such as:

  • Fire Elementals
  • Nishruu
  • Hakeashar
  • Pit Fiends
  • Planetars
  • Elemental Princes

Certain spells act like enchanted weapons such as:

  • Enchanted Weapon
  • Phantom Blade
  • Mordenkainen's Sword
  • Black Blade of Disaster

4. If all other options have been exhausted

Run, get more experience and weapons through adventuring, and return when you are stronger.

Mage's Defence Your Counter
Improved Invisibility
Detect Invisibility
Reflected Image L1
Invisibility L2
Mirror Image L2
Non-Detection L3
Improved Invisibility L4
Shadow Door L5
Mislead L6
Project Image L7
Simulacrum L8
Detect Illusion (between L1-3)
Oracle (between L1-5)
True Sight
Magic Resistance
"magic resistance" Lower Resistance
Pierce Magic
Pierce Shield
Combat Protections
Ghost Armour
Spirit Armour
Protection from Magic Energy
Protection from Magical Weapons
Improved Mantle
Protection from Energy
Absolute Immunity
Spell Protections
Minor Spell Deflection L3
Minor Globe of Invulnerability L4
Minor Spell Turning L5
Spell Immunity L5
Spell Shield L5
Globe of Invulnerability L6
Spell Deflection L6
Spell Turning L7
Spell Trap L9
Spell Thrust (between L1-5)
Secret Word (between L1-8 except L6 Globe)
Pierce Magic (between L1-6)
Khelben's Warding Whip (between L1-8)
Ruby Ray of Reversal
Pierce Shield


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