Attacking Defending Others
Gold dust
Command Word: Die Command
BG1 Enchantment no saving throw Cleric
Armor of Faith Armor of Faith
BG2: SoA Abjuration damage increases duration increases Cleric / Druid
    Bless Bless
BG1 Conjuration group effect Cleric / Druid
Bread and butter
Doom Doom
BG2: SoA Alteration no saving throw Cleric / Druid
Protection From Evil Protection From Evil
BG1 Abjuration duration increases Cleric
Entangle Entangle
BG1 Alteration area effect Cleric / Druid * Druid
Remove Fear Remove Fear
BG1 Abjuration group effect Cleric / Druid * Cleric
Magical Stone Magical Stone
BG1 Enchantment no saving throw Cleric
Cheap beer
    Cure Light Wounds Cure Light Wounds
BG1 Necromancy Cleric / Druid
Detect Evil Detect Evil
BG1 Divination area effect duration increases Cleric / Druid
    Sanctuary Sanctuary
BG1 Abjuration duration increases Cleric
Horse dung
Shillelagh Shillelagh
BG1 Alteration duration increases Cleric / Druid


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Abjuration Abjuration
Alteration Alteration
Conjuration Conjuration
Divination Divination
Enchantment Enchantment
Evocation Evocation
Illusion Illusion
Necromancy Necromancy
BG2: SoA BG2: SoA
BG2: ToB BG2: ToB
* Class - changes made in BG2