Attacking Defending Others
Gold dust
Finger of Death Finger of Death
BG2: SoA Necromancy
Spell Turning Spell Turning
BG2: SoA Abjuration duration increases
Limited Wish Limited Wish
BG2: SoA Conjuration
Khelben's Warding Whip Khelben's Warding Whip
BG2: SoA Abjuration no saving throw
Improved Chaos Shield Improved Chaos Shield
BG2: ToB Abjuration wild mages
Spell Sequencer Spell Sequencer
BG2: SoA Evocation
Power Word Stun Power Word Stun
BG2: SoA Conjuration no saving throw
Ruby Ray of Reversal Ruby Ray of Reversal
BG2: SoA Alteration no saving throw
Summon Hakeashar Summon Hakeashar
BG2: SoA Conjuration duration increases
Bread and butter
Control Undead Control Undead
BG2: SoA Necromancy group effect duration increases
Mass Invisibility Mass Invisibility
BG2: SoA Illusion group effect duration increases
Project Image Project Image
BG2: SoA Illusion damage increases duration increases
Delayed Blast Fireball Delayed Blast Fireball
BG2: SoA Evocation area effect
Mordenkainen's Sword Mordenkainen's Sword
BG2: SoA Evocation damage increases duration increases
Prismatic Spray Prismatic Spray
BG2: SoA Conjuration area effect
Sphere of Chaos Sphere of Chaos
BG2: SoA Alteration area effect
Summon Efreeti Summon Efreeti
BG2: SoA Conjuration duration increases
Cheap beer
Cacofiend Cacofiend
BG2: SoA Conjuration
Mantle Mantle
BG2: SoA Abjuration
Summon Djinni Summon Djinni
BG2: SoA Conjuration duration increases
Protection From The Elements Protection From The Elements
BG2: SoA Abjuration duration increases


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Abjuration Abjuration
Alteration Alteration
Conjuration Conjuration
Divination Divination
Enchantment Enchantment
Evocation Evocation
Illusion Illusion
Necromancy Necromancy
BG2: SoA BG2: SoA
BG2: ToB BG2: ToB