Attacking Defending Others
Gold dust
BG2: ToB area effect no saving throw
Dragon's Breath
BG2: ToB
Energy Blades
BG2: ToB
Improved Alacrity
BG2: ToB soloists
Summon Planetar
BG2: ToB duration increases if Good aligned
Summon Dark Planetar
BG2: ToB duration increases if Evil aligned


The Forums Speak!

I received a great number of responses having posted the question about the best high level spells on several Throne of Bhaal forums.

Everyone has different favourites but there were no spells considered complete rubbish. Each Level 10 spell had its praises sung so you can be assured that your mage can let rip with any of these, particularly if you cast Improved Alacrity combined with Time Stop and the Robe of Vecna first . . .


To everyone who replied at The Elysium, Planet Baldurs Gate and Game Banshee. You know who you are.


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Abjuration Abjuration
Alteration Alteration
Conjuration Conjuration
Divination Divination
Enchantment Enchantment
Evocation Evocation
Illusion Illusion
Necromancy Necromancy
BG2: SoA BG2: SoA
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