Attacking Defending Others
Gold dust
Melf's Acid Arrow Melf's Acid Arrow
BG1 Conjuration damage increases duration increases
Blur Blur
BG1 Illusion duration increases
Web Web
BG1 Evocation area effect range increases
Invisibility Invisibility
BG1 Illusion
    Mirror Image Mirror Image
BG1 Illusion duration increases
    Chaos Shield Chaos Shield
BG2: ToB Abjuration duration increases wild mages
Bread and butter
Agannazar's Scorcher Agannazar's Scorcher
BG1 Evocation area effect no saving throw
Protection From Petrification Protection From Petrification
BG1 Abjuration soloists BG2: L1, DudleyFix: L1
Detect Invisibility Detect Invisibility
BG1 Divination area effect no saving throw duration increases
Ghoul Touch Ghoul Touch
BG1 Necromancy duration increases
    Glitterdust Glitterdust
BG2: SoA Conjuration area effect
Horror Horror
BG1 Necromancy group effect
Ray of Enfeeblement Ray of Enfeeblement
BG2: SoA Enchantment duration increases
Stinking Cloud Stinking Cloud
BG1 Evocation area effect duration increases
Cheap beer
Deafness Deafness
BG2: SoA Illusion
Resist Fear Resist Fear
BG1 Abjuration
Knock Knock
BG1 Alteration soloists
    Vocalize Vocalize
BG1 Alteration
Luck Luck
BG1 Enchantment
        Strength Strength
BG1 Alteration duration increases
Horse dung
Power Word Sleep Power Word Sleep
BG2: SoA Conjuration no saving throw
    Detect Evil Detect Evil
BG1 Divination no saving throw duration increases
        Know Alignment Know Alignment
BG1 Divination duration increases


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Abjuration Abjuration
Alteration Alteration
Conjuration Conjuration
Divination Divination
Enchantment Enchantment
Evocation Evocation
Illusion Illusion
Necromancy Necromancy
BG2: SoA BG2: SoA
BG2: ToB BG2: ToB