Attacking Defending Others
Gold dust
Greater Elemental Summoning Greater Elemental Summoning
BG2: ToB Druid
Storm of Vengeance Storm of Vengeance
BG2: ToB area effect Cleric / Druid
Bread and butter
Aura of Flaming Death Aura of Flaming Death
BG2: ToB Alteration Evocation no saving throw duration increases Cleric / Druid
Elemental Summoning Elemental Summoning
BG2: ToB Cleric / Druid
Energy Blades Energy Blades
BG2: ToB Cleric / Druid
Globe of Blades Globe of Blades
BG2: ToB Evocation Cleric / Druid
Implosion Implosion
BG2: ToB Evocation Cleric / Druid
Summon Deva Summon Deva
BG2: ToB Conjuration duration increases Cleric / Druid, Good
Summon Fallen Deva Summon Fallen Deva
BG2: ToB Conjuration duration increases Cleric / Druid, Evil
Cheap beer
    Mass Raise Dead Mass Raise Dead
BG2: ToB Necromancy group effect damage increases Cleric


Notes On Elemental Transformation

Earth Elemental TransformationAlthough listed as Quest Level spells in the game guide Elemental Transformation (Earth and Fire) are only available through the Special Abilities button and cannot therefore be cast more than once for each time the spell is selected in the Level Up window.

Fire Elemental TransformationIn contrast, the spells above can be cast as many times as you have available spell memory slots.



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Abjuration Abjuration
Alteration Alteration
Conjuration Conjuration
Divination Divination
Enchantment Enchantment
Evocation Evocation
Illusion Illusion
Necromancy Necromancy
BG2: SoA BG2: SoA
BG2: ToB BG2: ToB