FixPacks for BG1

If you arrived at this page directly from another web site and you're wondering what DudleyFix is then you might want to read my friendly introduction first. Otherwise, read on.

Please read the readme.txt included with the FixPacks which includes full installation instructions. These instructions are also replicated at the bottom of this page.

* also requires Dialogue FixPack

Download Size (KB) Fixed Files Version / Date Short description Full details
WinZip file References Fixpack 8 22 3.0
fixes errors with statistics and reference tables, music References
WinZip file Areas FixPack * 144 39 3.0
fixes errors with areas, orientation, travel triggers Areas
WinZip file Scripts FixPack 1 * 48 100 3.0
fixes errors with event and combat scripts; character dialogue Scripts - page 1
WinZip file Scripts FixPack 2 * 35 61 3.0
fixes errors with event and combat scripts; character dialogue Scripts - page 2
WinZip file Creatures FixPack * 34 88 3.0
fixes errors with creatures and general NPCs Creatures
WinZip file Items FixPack * 30 119 3.0
fixes errors with items (e.g. weapons, armour, etc.) Items
WinZip file Stores FixPack * 2 5 3.0
fixes errors with stores and temples Stores
error-file:tidyout.log Dialogue FixPack ?? 1 3.0
fixes errors with spelling, grammar and misinformation Dialogue


A normal game of BG1 & TotSC only requires FixPacks 1, 2 and 3.


Download Size Version / Date Description Full details
WinZip file FixPack #1 - Override Fixes ??? KB 1.1
Statistics and reference tables; areas, orientation, travel triggers; event and combat scripts; character dialogue; creatures and general NPCs; items (e.g. weapons, armour, etc.); party NPCs (e.g. Minsc, Quayle, etc.); fixed Level 1-5 spells for mages; fixed scrolls for Level 1-5 mage spells; fixed Level 1-5 spells for priests including scrolls; fixed innate spells for PCs and NPCs; miscellaneous spells for traps and plots (not player's mage or priest spells); stores and temples. 2DA + IDS + MUS;
Party NPCs;
WinZip file FixPack #2 - dialog.tlk Update 1.06 MB 2.11
Addresses spelling errors and misinformation. DIALOG.TLK
WinZip file FixPack #3 - Music Fixes 5 KB 1.0
Music. 2DA + IDS + MUS
WinZip file FixPack #4 - Script Fixes 3 KB 1.0
Only relevant if you use scripts to control how your party members attack and defend. I imagine most players don't use these, preferring to keep full control themselves. SPL
WinZip file FixPack #5 - Mission Pack Save Game Update 20 KB 1.0
The Mission Pack Save Game updates (BALDUR.GAM and WORLDMAP.WMP) are Beta releases. Party NPCs


Installation Instructions

  1. If you are not familiar with "mods", "WeiDU" or "BG1Tutu" please skip to Step 3 below. Otherwise read on.
  2. The fixes on this page should ONLY be installed with fan-made mods if you know what you're doing. The fixes on this page were not written in WeiDU and were not written for BG1Tutu. The dialog.tlk update should NOT be installed over any fan-made mods as in its current format it will overwrite the existing dialog.tlk file rather than edit it (i.e. the dialog.tlk update was not written in WeiDU).
  3. If you have the 5CD + TotSC CD version, install in the following order:
      1. Baldur's Gate
      2. Tales of the Sword Coast
      3. TotSC Patch BGTalesUK5512 (or equivalent)
  4. If you have the 3CD version instead, install it; no patches are needed.
  5. Back up:
      1. Everything in your Override folder
      2. DIALOG.TLK (found in the main game folder, e.g. "Baldur's Gate\dialog.tlk")
      3. The files with the .MUS extension in your Music folder
      4. CLERIC1.BS in your scripts folder
      5. BALDUR.GAM and WORLDMAP.WMP in your Save\888888888-Mission-Pack-Save and MPSave\888888888-Mission-Pack-Save folders
  6. Install Kevin Dorner's Baldurdash "BG1FixPack11". You do NOT need to install the "BG1TOSCGameTextUpdate11". Please note that the BG1 Baldurdash FixPacks are not compatible with Dark Side of the Sword Coast (a fan-made mod).
  7. Install aVENGER's Racial Traits fix. The contents of the zip file should be placed in your Override folder. Ensure you download the BG1 version of this fix.
  8. Download the DudleyFix Zip files you want to use. Always scan downloads for viruses before opening them.
  1. Extract the contents of your downloaded Zip file(s):
      1. FixPack #1 - extract to your Override folder
      2. FixPack #2 - extract to your main game folder (e.g. "Baldurs Gate")
      3. FixPack #3 - extract to your Music folder
      4. FixPack #4 - extract to your scripts folder
      5. FixPack #5 - extract to your Save\888888888-Mission-Pack-Save and MPSave\888888888-Mission-Pack-Save folders
  2. You will need to start a new game for all the fixes to be implemented.
  3. You are also advised to delete the AREAxxxx.bif files in the cache\data folder otherwise fixes to Areas will not take effect. If you do not have a cache\data folder then don't worry - this is normal if you haven't played a game.

What if a fix doesn't work?

  1. Firstly, ensure you've followed the instructions above.
  2. Try a fresh install of the game, remembering not to install other mods (unless you are familiar with how each mod affects individual files - this means you will probably be a modder yourself).
  3. If you have installed a DudleyFix FixPack and a particular fix does not work as described please drop me an email. Please provide as much detail as you can. If you can repeat the bug from a saved game then do so and take some notes of what happened and how it differed from the intended results. If NONE of the fixes work then you've probably installed the FixPack incorrectly.
  4. If all else fails, you've backed up your Override folder, so you should be able to remove the DudleyFixes and replace the original files.

For those who have followed DudleyFix's progress

Individual FixPacks are still available in the table below and will updated more frequently than the larger FixPacks. If you have downloaded the larger FixPacks at the top of the page you do NOT need to install these files too.


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