ModPacks for BG1

While there are a lot of bugs in BG1, there are also many elements of the game which are inconsistent both with the game itself and with the rulebooks on which the game is based. You can download these mods below. Some I would personally consider bug fixes, but because they required some degree of interpretation on my behalf I may have gone too far into the realm of modding. You decide!

Download Size (KB) # Files Version Short description Full details
WinZip file NPCs ModPack 32 63 3.0
resolves many inconsistencies with party NPCs (e.g. Minsc, Quayle, etc.) and updates some to provide continuity with BG2 Party NPCs
WinZip file Innate Spells ModPack
Mage Spells ModPack
Priest Spells ModPack
Scrolls and Wands
18 I
96 M
?? P
?? S
fixes errors with innate spells for PCs and NPCs; fixes errors with Level 1-5 spells for mages and priests; fixes errors with spell scrolls and wands; fixes errors with miscellaneous spells for traps and plots; adjusts known spells for NPCs Innate and Mage Spells
Priest and Other Spells
Scrolls and Wands
Winzip file Entar Silvershield 5 9 2.0   TWK
Winzip file Improved Centeol 2 3 2.0   TWK
Winzip file Hobgoblin, AR4200 1 2 2.0   TWK
Winzip file Ike's reaction based costs 1 1 2.0   TWK
Winzip file Khalid as a Fighter/Mage 3 4 BETA 1.0   TWK
Winzip file Maximum Hit Points 1 4 2.0   TWK
Winzip file Permanent Corpses 10 17 2.0   TWK
Winzip file Safana the Flirt ? 4 BETA 1.0   TWK
Indoor Spellcasters ? ? ?   TWK



Installation Instructions

  1. If you are not familiar with "mods", " WeiDU" or "BG1Tutu" please skip to Step 3 below. Otherwise read on.
  2. These tweaks should ONLY be installed with fan-made mods if you know what you're doing. These tweaks were not written in WeiDU and were not written for BG1Tutu.
  3. If you have the 5CD + TotSC CD version, install in the following order:
      1. Baldur's Gate
      2. Tales of the Sword Coast
      3. TotSC Patch BGTalesUK5512 (or equivalent)
  4. If you have the 3CD version instead, install it; no patches are needed.
  5. Back up anything in your Override folder you don't want to lose!
  6. Install Kevin Dorner's Baldurdash fixes "BG1FixPack11" and "BG1TOSCGameTextUpdate11". Please note that the BG1 Baldurdash FixPacks are not compatible with Dark Side of the Sword Coast (a fan-made mod).
  7. Install aVENGER's Racial Traits fix. The contents of the zip file should be placed in your Override folder. The download link should point to the BG1 version of this fix.
  8. Install DudleyFix's FixPacks 1, 2 and 3 following the instructions provided with the zips.
  9. Download the DudleyFix zip file below you want to use. Always scan downloads for viruses before opening them.


  1. Extract the contents of the downloaded Zip file to your Override folder. If you are prompted to overwrite an existing file, say YES.
  2. Go to the BG1 FixPacks section and grab the latest DIALOG.TLK update. Follow the instructions given there for installing the updated DIALOG.TLK.
  3. You will need to start a new game for the tweaks to be implemented.
  4. You are also advised to delete the AREAxxxx.bif files in the cache\data folder otherwise fixes to Areas will not take effect. If you do not have a cache\data folder then don't worry - this is normal if you haven't played a game.

What if a tweak doesn't work?

  1. Firstly, ensure you've followed the instructions above.
  2. Try a fresh install of the game, remembering not to install other mods (unless you are familiar with how each mod affects individual files - this means you will probably be a modder yourself).
  3. If you have installed the DudleyFix TweakPack and a particular tweak does not work as described please drop me an email. Please provide as much detail as you can. If you can repeat the bug from a saved game then do so and take some notes of what happened and how it differed from the intended results. If NONE of the tweaks work then you've probably installed the TweakPack incorrectly.
  4. If all else fails, you've backed up your Override folder, so you should be able to remove the tweaks and replace the original files.


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