BG1 Errors: statistics, reference tables and music

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Fixed version 3.0

2DA files

29.10.04 Fixed LOREBON.2DA

  1. Lore Bonus - corrects the hidden file that gives you a lore bonus for your INT and WIS scores so that it reflects the manual. Specifically gaining +3 lore rather than +5 (as was the game) for having a INT and/or WIS score of 15.

29.10.04 Fixed SKLLRNG.2DA

  1. Ranger Move Silently Skill - corrects the hidden file so that it reflects the manual. Specifically at L2 having 21% rather than 20%.

29.10.04 Fixed WSPECIAL.2DA

  1. Weapon Specialization - corrects the hidden file so that it reflects the manual. Specifically for four stars you should receive +4 damage not +5 - from Idobek.

IDS files


  1. Contain some errors that do not knowingly impact gameplay but may affect dialogues and editing. The credit for identifying these bugs belongs to Jon Hauglid (Near Infinity creator). He has already passed his findings to Kevin Dorner. It is posted here to stop me from thinking there are errors in the game! The Gender file update was proposed by Smoketest: "The Sex Change effect is used by the Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity. The 'Sex' parameter contains a value from GENDER.IDS. If you click on it you will see a list of the available genders in that file. Leaving the Sex variable set to zero allows the girdle to work like it's supposed to. I hated seeing an 'Unknown - 0' there so I added '0 EITHER' to GENDER.IDS so now I see 'Sex: EITHER - 0', which is much clearer since either sex can wear the belt and receive a gender change."

MUS files

29.10.04 Fixed BD1.MUS, BL1.MUS

  1. Contain some errors. Idobek explains: "If you load up BG:TotSC in DLTCEP you get (among other things) the following loading information: Generating music list... BD1 Missing music (BC1 B1) in musiclist. BL1 Missing music (BC1 B1) in musiclist. Upon investigating (i.e. goto 'Edit' 'Musiclist' and comparing these musiclists with others) it is easy to spot the problem: The last line of the 'loop suffix' section in of all other musiclists reads %FILENAME% %PARTSUFFIX% (i.e. BP2.mus reads 'BP2 A2'). BD1 and BL1 have 'BC1 B1' in the 'loop suffix' section. I simply changed 'BC1 B1' to the 'BD1 B1' and 'BL1 B1'. Oh, BC1 reads 'BC1 D1' so I have assumed the %PARTSUFFIX% part is correct.


  1. A couple of respondents have noted that the 3CD Original Saga contains duplicate MUS files in certain instances. It is believed all MUS files should be unique. With thanks to Smoketest! If anyone is missing key files or identifies other duplicated file contents please email me.


22 files

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