BG1 Errors: scripts

Page 1: Script errors; and dialogue errors (A to J)
Page 2: Dialogue errors (K to Z); and arguable errors that have not been fixed

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Dialog Error - involves edit of the DIALOG.TLK file
* - denotes new custom files or new DIALOG.TLK strings required to effect the fix

Fixed version 3.0

Script Errors (mostly)

15.11.04 Fixed AR0114.BCS

  1. Blushing Mermaid, AR0114 - incorrectly references De'Tranion.
    1. Change !Exists("DETRAN") to !Exists("Detranion").


  1. Counting House, AR0307 and AR0308 - both area scripts conflict with the dialogue of Ulf and Kieres respectively such that if you end up in a fight with Ulf, he triggers an action that tries to turn the guards hostile (who are upstairs from him) and if you fight with Kieres, he turns the crewmates hostile (who are downstairs from him). It would seem most likely that the guards should guard the lower floor and the crewmates are with their captain. If there is any doubt the captain calls to his "mates" for help.
    1. Change all "CREW#" references for corresponding "LEAGGU#" in AR0307.BCS.
    2. Change all "LEAGGU#" references for corresponding "CREW#" in AR0308.BCS.
    3. Change Script name attributes in each CREW#.CRE from "leaggu#" to a corresponding "crew#".

05.11.04 Fixed AR0502.BCS

  1. Tourist, AR0502 - is unaffected by the area script due to use of an incorrect death variable reference.
    1. Change action from ActionOverride("Tourist4",Face(8)) to ActionOverride("Tourist3",Face(8)).

15.11.04 Fixed AR0612.BCS

  1. Iron Throne, AR0612 - incorrectly references Tralithan.
    1. Change !Exists("TRALIT") to !Exists("Tralithan").

15.11.04 Fixed AR0613.BCS

  1. Iron Throne, AR0613 - incorrectly references Kalessia.
    1. Change !Exists("KALESS") to !Exists("Kalessia").

15.11.04 Fixed AR0614.BCS

  1. Iron Throne, AR0614 - incorrectly references Wirthing.
    1. Change !Exists("WIRTHI") to !Exists("Wirthing").

15.11.04 Fixed AR0616.BCS

  1. Iron Throne, AR0612 - incorrectly references Pang Wallen and Dhanial.
    1. Change !Exists("PANGWA") to !Exists("Pang").
    2. Change !Exists("DHANIA") to !Exists("Dhanial").

15.11.04 Fixed AR0800.BCS

  1. E Baldur's Gate, AR0800 - references a non-existent character.
    1. Delete 2nd block.

05.11.04 Fixed AR1000.BCS, AR2000.BCS

  1. Isle of Balduran voyage - the journey to and from werewolf island takes 3 hours! No specific length of time is mentioned but it's more than 20 days. Additionally, reloading a game having returned from the werewolf island causes the "voyage home" movie to play again.
    1. In AR2000.BCS add DayNight(MIDNIGHT) DayNight(NOON) twenty times(!) to the head of the list of actions in the IslandTravel block.
    2. In AR1000.BCS move IslandTravel block to top of script, add Continue() as last action, make SetGlobal first action, add DayNight(MIDNIGHT) DayNight(NOON) twenty times(!) after SetGlobal action.

15.11.04 Fixed AR1003.BCS

  1. Storehouse, AR1003 - incorrectly references the Cult Wizard.
    1. Remove ActionOverride("CultWizard1",Face(12)).
    2. Change facing direction for CULT2 action to 0.

16.01.05 Fixed AR1008.BCS, SHANDAL2.CRE

  1. Shandalar's wardstone, AR1008 - is meant to be required so the mage can bring you back to Ulgoth's Beard but only the cloak is called for in the scripting. Jonathan Ellis points out that: "Some characters *pickpocket* Shandalar, for his high-level spell scrolls. It is possible also to pick his pocket for the wardstone. You might sell it, not knowing what it was for, and then find yourself being sent to the Ice Island without the wardstone. Bioware may have intended that you could travel back with just the Cloak if you had lost or sold the Wardstone. However, this not only makes nonsense of Shandalar handing you something he has already had pickpocketed from him but plot-wise means you are stranded on the prison isle. Proposed solution: Don't allow the wardstone to be pickpocketed from Shandalar - it must ONLY be given at the moment the players are transported. Additionally, he has a Robe of the Neutral Archmagi incorrectly assigned to his Cloak slot rather than Armor slot.
    1. Add trigger PartyHasItem("MISC2H") to BCS.
    2. Remove MISC2H.ITM from Quick item 2 Slot and add to Gloves Slot.
    3. Move CLCK16.ITM from Cloak to Armor.

05.11.04 Fixed AR1100.BCS

  1. Dabron Sashenstar, AR0700 - accuses you of killing Aldeth in Cloakwood even if you killed Aldeth at the Merchant League in Baldur's Gate. The solution means that if Aldeth survives to make it to Baldur's Gate then Dabron, assuming all is well, will not appear.
    1. Add action to Aldeth's Chapter 5 CreateCreature block SetGlobal("SpawnDabron","GLOBAL",1).

15.11.04 Fixed AR1300.BCS

  1. SE Baldur's Gate, AR1300 - incorrectly references Alan Blackblade.
    1. Change !Exists("ALANBL") to !Exists("Alan").

05.11.04 Fixed AR1800.BCS

  1. Dradeel, AR1800 - acts as narrator after the mines are flooded but he unnecessarily duplicates the Freed Slave's appearance and journal entry and could not be in Cloakwood and on the distant Isle of Balduran at the same time.
    1. Remove action CreateCreature("NARRAT",[3099.722],0) // Dradeel.

26.01.05 Fixed AR2300.BCS, ELMIN3.CRE

  1. Elminster, AR2300 - is incorrectly referenced by the area script as he has no Script name. An incorrect trigger also prevents his appearance.
    1. Change trigger in 1st block Global("ElminsterSpawn","GLOBAL",0) to Global("ElminsterSpawn","GLOBAL",1).
    2. Change action in 1st block from SetGlobal("ElminsterSpawn","GLOBAL",1) to SetGlobal("ElminsterSpawn","GLOBAL",2).
    3. Change Script name to Elmin3.

05.11.04 Fixed FGOLEM.BCS

  1. Flesh Golems, AR3202 - if Thalantyr is attacked his golems come to his aid but if they are attacked (after he has turned them neutral) he just stands there as if nothing is happening. Considering the investment a mage must make in creating guardians he should probably feel threatened if adventurers destroy them.
    1. Add action ActionOverride("Thalantyr",Enemy()) to 2nd action block.


  1. Narlen Darkwalk and Resar, AR0153 - will still attempt to intervene in Resar's treacherous attack even when Resar has been killed. This could happen if you finished Alatos' quest before completing Narlen's second quest, forcing Biff the Understudy to appear.
    1. Delete entire 1st block from NARLEN.BCS.
    2. Add a NEW second response to [States 0, 1 and 2] using DLTCEP.
    3. Delete action SetGlobal("ResarAttack","GLOBAL",1) from [Responses 0, 2 and 4].
    4. Add NEW [Response triggers 0, 1, 2] !Global("NarlenMove","GLOBAL",7).
    5. Add NEW [Response triggers 3, 4, 5] Global("NarlenMove","GLOBAL",7).
    6. Add Trigger flags to [Responses 0, 2 and 4] 0, 1 and 2 respectively.
    7. The new [Responses 1, 3 and 5] should be identical to [Responses 0, 2 and 4] respectively except for Trigger indices (3, 4, 5) and Action indices (5, 6, 7).
    8. Write [Actions 5, 6 and 7] ClearAllActions() StartCutSceneMode() StartCutScene("Narcut01").
    9. Add ActionOverride("Resar",Enemy()) as 2nd action in NARCUT01.BCS. Remove EndCutSceneMode() action.
    10. Add action to top of [Action 17] in NARLEN.DLG AddexperienceParty(2000).

05.01.05 Fixed SHIP.BCS

  1. Ship trigger, AR1500 - several party members can be left behind once the ship sets sail for Ulgoth's Beard if they involved in other actions such as moving or fighting at the time the trigger is activated.
    1. Add action ClearAllActions() to top of BCS.

15.11.04 Fixed SHOAL.BCS, SHOAL.DLG

  1. Shoal, AR3100 - can be exploited by killing Droth then making her go hostile by pickpocketing her, hit her once then she will initiate dialogue and give you the reward then you can kill her before she escapes. Thanks to Frank Horrigan for this one! Also, her DLG contains two incorrect actions.
    1. Add trigger !Dead("Droth") to BCS.
    2. Change actions in [States 6 and 7] from ActionOverride("Droth",MoveToPoint([2900.525]) to ActionOverride("Droth",MoveToPoint([2900.525])).


  1. Tazok, AR1900 - can be killed in the challenge battle before he gives you the run of the camp. He then appears in the Undercity as part of the plot which would make no sense. Strictly speaking he should not be killable which could be resolved by scripting a cut scene once he has reached 50% HPs forcing dialogue with the PC before he leaves with his henchmen. Thanks to Frank Horrigan for spotting this one! Big thanks to Smoketest for coming up with a solution! Because many people kill Tazok for his gauntlets I have added these items instead to the trapped chest in the main tent of the bandit camp. Also Teven and Raiken "vanish" during the cutscene with Tazok. It would be better if they walked away.
    1. Add BRAC10.ITM to Container 1 in AR1901.ARE.
    2. Change DestroySelf() actions in TEVEN.BCS and RAIKEN.BCS to EscapeArea().
    3. Remove ChangeAIScript("bandct",OVERRIDE) from BANCUT02.BCS.
    4. Create actions in the following order in TAZOK.BCS StartCutSceneMode() Dialogue([PC]).
    5. Write new TAZOKCUT.BCS IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 CutSceneId("Tazok") ActionOverride("Teven",EscapeArea()) ActionOverride("Raiken",EscapeArea()) EscapeArea()) END IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 CutSceneId([PC]) SetGlobal("TazokLeaves","GLOBAL",1) Wait(5) EndCutSceneMode() END.
    6. Add action in [Response 10] EndCutSceneMode().
    7. Delete actions in [Response 17] and add StartCutSceneMode() StartCutScene("Tazokcut").

05.11.04 Fixed VICONIA.BCS

  1. Viconia, AR2400 - contains a strange effect where when she sees her Flaming Fist pursuer's corpse she is stuck in a combat stance. This could cause her to AutoPause the game every round despite him clearly being no threat.
    1. Add trigger to 1st, 2nd and 4th blocks !Dead("FlamingFist2").
    2. Entirely remove 3rd block.

22.11.04 Fixed AR3333.BCS*, FIREB1.CRE, FIREBE.CRE

  1. Firebead, AR3333 - will appear in Beregost even if he was killed in Candlekeep. One solution is to attach an area script that removes him if he was killed previously. With thanks to Frank Horrigan for spotting this one! He also has 3 stars in Small Swords which breaks the rules for his possible classes.
    1. Add Death variable "Fireb1" to FIREB1.CRE.
    2. Change Small sword proficiency to 2.
    3. Add Death variable "Firebead" to FIREBE.CRE.
    4. Change Small sword proficiency to 2.
    5. Create new BCS with text: IF Dead("Fireb1") THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride("Firebead",DestroySelf()) END.

45 files

Dialogue Errors (mostly)

05.11.04 Fixed AR1400.BCS, AJANTI.DLG

  1. Ajantis, AR1400 - Sometimes, if you call him a tin-head and send him away and later return to the map he is still where you left him.
    1. Add action in [Response 8] and [Response 18] SetGlobal("AjantisGone","GLOBAL",1).
    2. Remove reference to [Action 0] in Responses.
    3. Add new block at top of script IF Global("AjantisGone","GLOBAL",1) Exists("Ajantis") THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride("Ajantis",DestroySelf()) Continue() END.

15.11.04 Fixed ALATOS.DLG

  1. Alatos, AR0153 - contains an incorrect trigger that would allow Alatos to praise the player even though Oberon has been killed.
    1. Change trigger in [State 13] from !Dead("Oberon") to !Dead("Oberan").

05.11.04 Fixed ALORA.DLG, AR0130.BCS

  1. Alora, AR0130 - Sometimes, if you refuse to help her steal from the Hall of Wonders she leaves and if you later return to the map she is still at the doorway.
    1. Add actions in [Response 6], [Response 11], [Response 16], [Response 19], [Response 20] SetGlobal("AloraGone","GLOBAL",1) EscapeAreaDestroy(5).
    2. Delete all Response triggers and remove references to triggers in Responses 19-22.
    3. Add facing parameters 0 to CreateCreature commands in [Action 5] and [Action 6].
    4. Add new block at top of script IF Global("AloraGone","GLOBAL",1) Exists("Alora") THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride("Alora",DestroySelf()) Continue() END.

12.11.04 Fixed AMNISE.DLG

  1. Amnish Soldier, theft traps in AR4800, etc. - contains an incorrect trigger.
    1. Change trigger in [State 3] to StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CHARMED).

09.02.05 Fixed ARDROU.DLG, DIALOG.TLK string 15518 Dialog Error

  1. Ardrouine, AR3600 - issues a blank dialogue line if you speak to her after collecting the reward for rescuing her son. Thanks to Sascha for spotting this one.
    1. Add to [Action 0] MoveToPointNoInterrupt([1148.3006]) MoveToPointNoInterrupt([933.2626]) DestroySelf().
    2. Change [Trigger 3] to True().

05.11.04 Fixed BANDIC.DLG

  1. Deke, AR2800 - contains an incorrect trigger. By Zelig.
    1. Change [State trigger 0] from NumDeadGT("Bandcap"4) to NumDeadGT("Bandcap",4).

19.01.05 Fixed BELLAM.BCS*, BELLAM.CRE, BELLAM.DLG, DIALOG.TLK string 15255 Dialog Error

  1. Bellamy, AR0119 - approaches the group to say "Good day to ya" and then does nothing, which kind of seems a pointless action for a conscientious NPC. It would be better if he does not approach the group unless they fail his reputation test.
    1. Create a file called BELLAM.BCS from INITDLG.BCS and add trigger ReputationLT([PC],15).
    2. Change Class script in CRE from INITDLG.BCS to BELLAM.BCS.
    3. Change alignment to Neutral Good.
    4. Edit string 15255 to add "Well hello there travelers! It's a pleasure to see such upstanding folk in these difficult times. I'm afraid I can't dally about, business awaits!" before the existing sentence.
    5. Add action in [State trigger 1] EscapeArea().

15.11.04 Fixed BJAHEI.DLG

  1. Jaheira's banter, AR2300 - contains incorrect triggers.
    1. Change occurences of Kahlid with Khalid in [State triggers 2 and 5].

05.11.04 Fixed BRANDI.DLG

  1. Aldeth and Brandilar, AR0128 - produce an odd situation where if you speak to Brandilar first once inside the League, tell him you are not really related to Aldeth, and agree to help him, then when you speak to Brandilar again he will question again about being related to Aldeth and you will have to provide the same answers. With the solution below if you lie to Brandilar he will be civil but offer nothing more, if you tell the truth the fix should make him ask how your investigation is going.
    1. Change [State trigger 1] to Global("HelpBrandilar","GLOBAL",1). Change Trigger index in [State 14] to -1. Change Trigger index in [State 7] to 1.

15.11.04 Fixed AR0600.BCS, AR0617.BCS, VARCI2.CRE*, TREMAI.DLG, VARCI.DLG, DIALOG.TLK string 12627 Dialog Error

  1. Varci Roaringhorn, AR0617 - will leave Tremain's house for good and therefore fail to give the quest reward if you speak to him while inside up to 10 days *before* Casson has been led out of the room by Tremain. Talking to Varci causes him to leave saying his guardian is in the Lady's Hall (which he clearly isn't). Also Varci has a SELECT_COMMON sound that is nonsensical if you have already saved Casson. Additionally the 10 day time limit is not properly implemented (possibly deliberately) but including it adds some more options.
    1. Duplicate VARCI.CRE and rename to VARCI2.CRE. Change Sound: SELECT_COMMON to StringRef 11107.
    2. Change action in AR0617.BCS to CreateCreature("VARCI2",[448.375],0).
    3. Add trigger in [State 6] of VARCI.DLG Global("HelpVarci","GLOBAL",0).
    4. Edit string 12627 to read "There is yet time to help me, if you so choose."
    5. Add NEW State trigger to bottom of list Global("HelpTremain","GLOBAL",2). Change Trigger index in [State 9] to 3. Remove Action and Trigger flags and change Action and Trigger indices to -1.
    6. Add NEW State trigger to bottom of list Global("TremainMove","GLOBAL",5). Change Trigger index in [State 10] to 4. Remove Trigger flag and change Trigger index to -1. Add SetGlobal("HelpTremain","GLOBAL",3) SetGlobal("TremainMove","GLOBAL",6) ReputationInc(1) to Action 2. Change Action index to 2 in [Response 20].
    7. Copy content of Action 12 to Action 1 and change Action index of [Response 12] to 1.
    8. Copy content of Action 21 to Action 3 and change Action index of [Response 21] to 3.
    9. Delete all Response triggers. Remove all Trigger flags from Responses and change all Trigger indices to -1. Delete Actions 4-21. Remove Action flags and change Action indicies to -1 in all Responses except [R0], [R12], [R20] and [R21].
    10. Add to AR0600.BCS IF GlobalTimerExpired("Varci","GLOBAL") Exists("Varci") THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride("Varci",DestroySelf()) END.
    1. Copy content of Action 15 to Action 0 and change Action index of [Response 16] to 0.
    2. Copy content of Action 18 to Action 1 and change Action index of [Response 19] to 1.
    3. Copy content of Action 19 to Action 2 and change Action index of [Response 20] to 2.
    4. Add SetGlobal("HelpTremain","GLOBAL",2) and ActionOverride("Varci",Dialogue([PC])) to [Action 3]. Add Action flag and change Action index to 3 in [Response 15].
    5. Add NEW State trigger to bottom of list with GlobalTimerExpired("Varci","GLOBAL") Global("TremainMove","GLOBAL",0). Change Trigger index in [State 10] to 4.
    6. Add SetGlobal("TremainMove","GLOBAL",5) and ActionOverride("Varci",Dialogue([PC])) to [Action 4]. Change Action index to 4 in [Response 18].
    7. Add trigger !GlobalTimerExpired("Varci","GLOBAL") to [State 9].
    8. Add trigger !GlobalTimerExpired("Varci","GLOBAL") to [State 11].
    9. Delete all Response triggers. Remove all Trigger flags from Responses and change all Trigger indices to -1. Delete Actions 5-23. Remove Action flags and change Action indicies to -1 in all Responses except [R15], [R16], [R18], [R19] and [R20].
    10. Increase weight of State trigger to 1, shifting original 1, 2 and 3 to 2, 3 and 4 position.

05.11.04 Fixed CATTAC.DLG

  1. Cattack, AR3400 - contains two incorrect actions.
    1. Change actions in [State 1] and [State 2] from Attack(NearestEnemyOf(Myself) to Attack(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)).

05.11.04 Fixed CORAN.DLG

  1. Coran, AR2200 - asks the PC whether he will reconsider his proposal when the NPC Reaction was 1-7 and the PC was never told of a proposal in the first place. Coran should only ask you to reconsider once your Reaction reaches 8-20. In all other cases his response to a low Reaction should always be dismissive.
    1. Change trigger in [State 0] and [State 1] from NumTimesTalkedTo(0) to Global("DXCoran","GLOBAL",0).
    2. Remove trigger in [State 2] NumTimesTalkedTo(0).
    3. Add action in [Response 6] and [Response 5] SetGlobal("DXCoran","GLOBAL",1).
    4. Change trigger in [State 7] from True() to Global("DXCoran","GLOBAL",1) and ReactionGT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),HOSTILE_UPPER).
    5. Add trigger in [State 13] True().

15.11.04 Fixed CULT3.DLG

  1. Cult Enforcer, AR1000 - contains incorrect references and is missing facing values.
    1. In [Actions 0 and 1] add facing values in order: 12, 8, 8, 0, 7, 12 , 13.
    2. In [Actions 0 and 1] change Cult Wizard to CultWizard and Cult Archer to CultArcher.

15.11.04 Fixed AR0706.BCS*, CYDERM.DLG, NOBW8.DLG, DIALOG.TLK string 8435 Dialog Error

  1. Areana and Cyrdemac, AR0121 and AR0706 - Areana states that she will pay your blackmail every tenday but does so every twoday. I have chosen to alter the dialogue to match her current actions as many people could complete the remainder of the game before the first set of 10 days has passed. Cyrdemac can be charmed and will suggest rather intelligently that you can say he is dead and still claim the reward. Unfortunately there is no trigger for Areana to be conned (not necessarily an error). The fix is also an opportunity to consolidate the Globals in both DLG files.
    1. Create a BCS (AR0706.BCS).
    2. Write AR0706.BCS: IF Dead("Cyrdemac") THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("CyrdemacMoves","GLOBAL",2) END.
    3. Add action in [Response 21] of CYDERM.DLG SetGlobal("CyrdemacMoves","GLOBAL",2) Wait(10) Escape().
    4. Remove action in [State 0] of NOBW8.DLG SetGlobal("SpokeToAreana","GLOBAL",1).
    5. Change trigger in [Response 11] and [Response 12] from Dead("Cyrdemac") to Global("CyrdemacMoves","GLOBAL",2).
    6. Edit string 8435 from "I shall be here at the start of every tenday." to "I shall be here promptly every two days."

17.12.04 Fixed CYTHAN.DLG

  1. Cythandria, AR0615 - is missing a command to destroy Ughh when she surrenders.
    1. Change 2nd action in [Response 11] from ActionOverride("ARGHH",DestroySelf()) to ActionOverride("UGHH",DestroySelf()).

05.11.04 Fixed DELORN.DLG, DIALOG.TLK string 7093 Dialog Error

  1. Delorna, AR0145 - contains an incorrect trigger which prevents her from being charmed.
    1. Change trigger in [State 6] from StateCheck(Myself,STATE_DHARMED) to StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CHARMED).
    2. Edit string 7093 to: "...Take my component, if you wish; it is in the desk."

05.11.04 Fixed DELTHY.DLG, DIALOG.TLK string 1751 Dialog Error

  1. Delthyr, AR0800 - the dialogue tree provides a nonsense reply "Of course we do" for the PC to Delthyr's statement "I can tell you everything you need know." It should probably be something like "That would be most welcome." This second error spotted by Zelig: file contains three incorrect actions.
    1. Edit string 1751 from "Of course we do." to "That would be most welcome."
    2. Change trigger in [Response 29] from Global("AskedDelthyr1","GLOABL",0) to Global("AskedDelthyr1","GLOBAL",0).
    3. Change action in [Response 29] from SetGlobal("AskedDelthyr1","GLOABL",1) to SetGlobal("AskedDelthyr1","GLOBAL",1).
    4. Change trigger in [Response 30] from Global("AskedDelthyr2","GLOABL",0) to Global("AskedDelthyr2","GLOBAL",0).
    5. Change action in [Response 30] from SetGlobal("AskedDelthyr2","GLOABL",1) to SetGlobal("AskedDelthyr2","GLOBAL",1).
    6. Change trigger in [Response 31] from Global("AskedDelthyr3","GLOABL",0) to Global("AskedDelthyr3","GLOBAL",0).
    7. Change action in [Response 31] from Global("AskedDelthyr3","GLOABL",1) to SetGlobal("AskedDelthyr3","GLOBAL",1).

05.11.04 Fixed DOOMSAY.DLG

  1. Doomsayer, AR4100 - contains an incorrect action.
    1. Change action in [State 4] from Global("doomsayer","GLOBAL",0) to SetGlobal("doomsayer","GLOBAL",0).

06.11.04 Fixed DRUNK.DLG, SPELL.IDS, SPPR981.SPL*, DIALOG.TLK string 1251* Dialog Error

  1. Drunk, AR3400 - contains an incorrect action which prevents him from collapsing into a drunken stupor.
    1. Change [Action 1] from Sleep() to ReallyForceSpell(Myself,DRUNK_SLEEP).
    2. Copy SPPR102.SPL but Casting sound should be None, Casting animation type should be Schoolless, Target type should be Caster (7), Range should be 1, Casting speed should be 0. Remove all Effects except Sleep.
    3. Effect Targettype should be TargetSelf, Power 9, No dispel/Bypass resistance, Time 120, Savetype No save.
    4. Create new string 1251 "Passes out".
    5. Change Spell name to string 1251.
    6. Add line 1981 DRUNK_SLEEP to SPELL.IDS

15.11.04 Fixed DYNAHE.DLG

  1. Dynaheir, AR5100 - fails to provide the rescue reward if you do not welcome her to the party immediately despite other conversation options being polite and allowing her to join after some talking. Secondly, she mistakenly rewards the player twice if Edwin is in the party, once on rescue and secondly on joining the party. It is quite possible to continue with Edwin's murderous plans (which doesn't count as rescue) therefore making the first reward invalid. There is also an incorrect action.
    1. Remove action in [Action 0] AddexperienceParty(800).
    2. Add action in [Action 9] AddexperienceParty(800).
    3. Remove action in [Action 10] AddexperienceParty(800).
    4. Change [Action 32] to LeaveParty() SetDialog("Dynahp").

05.11.04 Fixed EDWINJ.DLG

  1. Edwin, AR5100 - fails to deliver on his payment for Dynaheir's murder as the script calls on an unknown action.
    1. Change action in [Action 2] from GiveGoldCreate(500) to GiveGoldForce(500).


  1. Eldoth, AR1600 - asks the PC whether he will reconsider his proposal when the NPC Reaction was 1-7 and the PC was never told of a proposal in the first place. Eldoth should always offer a drink (he's not as discerning as Coran!). This second error spotted by Zelig: file contains an incorrect action.
    1. Remove trigger in [State 1] ReactionGT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),HOSTILE_UPPER) .
    2. Remove triggers in [State 2] NumTimesTalkedTo(0) and ReactionLT(LastTalkedToBy(Myself),NEUTRAL_LOWER).
    3. In ELDOTP.DLG change [Action 1] from ActionOverride(Skie",ChangeAIScript("",DEFAULT)) to ActionOverride("Skie",ChangeAIScript("",DEFAULT)).

05.11.04 Fixed EMERSO.DLG

  1. Emerson, AR5400 - contains an incorrect action.
    1. Change [Action 2] from Global("EmersonPermission","GLOBAL",1) to SetGlobal("EmersonPermission","GLOBAL",1).

05.11.04 Fixed FARMBE.DLG

  1. Farmer, AR3300, AR4800, AR4900 - when the farmer (mistakenly titled Lahl) tells you about something moving behind his house the Journal updates with a different entry. Likewise when he reports his hired workers ran off the Journal displays the wrong entry.
    1. Change Journal entry StringRef in [Response 1] from 6602 to 6603.
    2. Change Journal entry StringRef in [Response 2] from 6603 to 6605.

15.11.04 Fixed FELONI.DLG

  1. Felonius Gist, AR0719 - has an introductory dialogue that can be repeated ad infinitum somewhat illogically.
    1. Change trigger in [State 0] from True() to NumTimesTalkedTo(0).

05.11.04 Fixed FRIEND.DLG

  1. Guard, AR2300 - contains an incorrect trigger.
    1. Change trigger in [T6] from CheckState(Myself,STATE_CHARMED) to StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CHARMED).
    2. Trigger 1 should become Trigger 0 and vice versa. This can be easily done in the DLTCEP utility.

15.11.04 Fixed FTOBE5.DLG, DIALOG.TLK string 1250* Dialog Error

  1. Commoner, AR3327 - when charmed the commoner fails to give the ring she says she is giving you. No specific ring is mentioned in the original dialogue so I suggest a Gold Ring which would seem in keeping with her spellbound love. The dialogue fix should only allow her to offer the gift once.
    1. Add trigger in [State 3] StateCheck(Myself,STATE_NORMAL).
    2. Add trigger in [State 4] Global("DXFtobe5","GLOBAL",0).
    3. Add actions in [State 4] GiveItemCreate("RING10",LastTalkedToBy()) and SetGlobal("DXFtobe5","GLOBAL",1).
    4. Add trigger in [State 6] StateCheck(Myself,STATE_NORMAL).
    5. Edit [State trigger 5] to read StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CHARMED) Global("DXFtobe5","GLOBAL",1).
    6. Create new string 1250 "Is there anything else I can do to please you?"
    7. Change Response in [State 5] to StringRef 1250.
    8. Re-order State triggers as follows: Charmed (Global 0) then (Global 1), NumTimesTalked To (0) as original sequence, Normal (Num1) then (Num2); this is order 4, 5, 0, 1, 2, 3, 6.

05.11.04 Fixed FULLER.DLG, HULL.DLG

  1. Fuller, AR2618 and Hull, AR2600 - contains a missing response due to an incomplete trigger. Hull also needs to have an action set to allow this trigger.
    1. In FULLER.DLG change trigger in [Response 0] from PartyHasItem("") to Global("HelpHull","GLOBAL",1) !HasItem("SW1H12",LastTalkedToBy()).
    2. In HULL.DLG add action in [Response 0] SetGlobal("HelpHull","GLOBAL",1).
    3. Change actions in [Response 1] and [Response 3] to SetGlobal("HelpHull","GLOBAL",2).
    4. Change trigger in [State 2] to Global("HelpHull","GLOBAL",1).
    5. Increase weight of [State trigger 5] to position 3 moving subsequent triggers down by one position. This can be done easily in the DLTCEP utility.

05.11.04 Fixed AR3300.BCS, GARRIC.DLG

  1. Garrick, AR3300 - contains an incorrect action. Sometimes, if you refuse to let him join the party after defeating Silke he enters the Red Sheaf Inn, however if you later return to the map he is still in the doorway blocking the entrance.
    1. Change [Actions 1, 2, 5 and 7] to SetGlobal("GarrickGone","GLOBAL",1) EscapeAreaDestroy(4).
    2. Change [Action 8] from SetDialog("Garrickp") to SetDialog("Garrip").
    3. Add new block at top of script IF Global("GarrickGone","GLOBAL",1) Exists("Garrick") THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride("Garrick",DestroySelf()) Continue() END.

05.11.04 Fixed GNOLL5.BCS, GNOLL5.CRE, GNOLL5.DLG, DIALOG.TLK strings 1254*, 1255* Dialog Error

  1. Ludrug, AR5200 - contains a conflict between his BCS and DLG file that prevents or makes it almost impossible for the player to have a chance of defeating but not killing Ludrug in the challenge fight (as he could be easily killed before he submitted). I have also lowered the threshhold at which Ludrug considers the player to have lost in case the strongest player is killed outright before he/she is reduced below 5 HPs. Also, Ludrug has no identifying name tag or colours.
    1. Change triggers in BCS from HPLT(Myself,5) to HPLT(Myself,20) and from HPLT(StrongestOf,5) to HPLT(StrongestOf,10).
    2. Remove actions SetGlobal("GnollFightOver","GLOBAL",2) EscapeArea() from 2nd block in BCS.
    3. Change trigger in [State 4] from HPLT(StrongestOf,5) to HPLT(StrongestOf,10).
    4. Add action to end of [Action 4] EscapeArea().
    5. Create new strings 1254 and 1255 "Ludrug".
    6. Change Name and Apparent name in CRE to strings 1254 and 1255.
    7. Change colours to 28, 66, 47, 2, 23, 28, 5.

08.01.05 Fixed CH1CUTZ1.BCS*, GORION.DLG

  1. Gorion, AR2600 - just before you leave Candlekeep he will attempt to heal your wounds even if you're not wounded.
    1. Remove Journal Entry from [Response 0].
    2. Add new Response (Response 5) to [State 0] identical to [Response 0] except with trigger HPPercentLT(Player1,100).
    3. Add trigger HPPercent(Player1,100) to [Response 0].
    4. Change action in [Response 5] from StartCutScene("ch1cut01") to StartCutScene("ch1cutz1").
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 for [States 7, 8, 9].
    6. Remove ActionOverride("GORION",ForceSpell(Player1,CLERIC_CURE_LIGHT_WOUNDS)) from BCS.
    7. Remove action Wait(4).

05.11.04 Fixed GORPEL.DLG

  1. Gorpel Hind, AR0116 - contains an incorrect trigger.
    1. Change trigger in [State 0] from NumTimesTalkedTo() to NumTimesTalkedTo(0).

05.11.04 Fixed HALFFG.DLG

  1. Halfling Woman, AR4000 - is missing triggers for two conversation options once the Firewine Ruins Ogre Mage is dead. Note that there are two women with this file so only the first is affected.
    1. Add triggers in [State 9] Dead("DICK"), ReactionGT(LastTalkedToBy,NEUTRAL_UPPER) and Global("DXHalffg","GLOBAL",0).
    2. Add action in [Response 16] SetGlobal("DXHalffg","GLOBAL",1).
    3. Add triggers in [State 10] Dead("DICK"), ReactionLT(LastTalkedToBy,FRIENDLY_LOWER) and Global("DXHalffg","GLOBAL",0).
    4. Add action in [Response 17] SetGlobal("DXHalffg","GLOBAL",1).

05.11.04 Fixed HALFG3.DLG

  1. Halfling Man, AR4008 - has incorrectly prioritised dialogue so that he greets you with "Again we meet..." rather than his opening speech even though you have never met him.
    1. Change the trigger value in [State 0] from 4 to 1, this can be done easily in the Item Checker utility.
    2. Ensure the StateCheck trigger is value 0.

15.11.04 Fixed HALFG4.DLG, DIALOG.TLK string 1252* Dialog Error

  1. Halfling Man, AR4007 - is missing triggers for two conversation options (not necessarily an error). When charmed the halfling fails to give the Potion of Invulnerability he says he is giving you. The dialogue fix should only allow him to offer the gift once.
    1. Add trigger in [State 8] Global("DXHalfg4b","GLOBAL",0).
    2. Change 1st action in [State 8] from GiveItem("POTN40",LastTalkedToBy) to GiveItemCreate("POTN40",LastTalkedToBy()) and add action SetGlobal("DXHalfg4b","GLOBAL",1).
    3. Rewrite [State trigger 4] to read StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CHARMED)
    4. Create new string 1252 "Please stay, I'd love to hear about your heroic adventures!"
    5. Change Response StringRef in [State 9] to 1252.
    6. Add action in [Response 7] SetGlobal("DXHalfg4a","GLOBAL",1).
    7. Add trigger in [State 6] Global("DXHalfg4a","GLOBAL",0). Ensure it has no action flag.
    8. Add trigger in [State 7] Global("DXHalfg4a","GLOBAL",1).
    9. Reorder State triggers to Charm (Global 0), Charm, Num(0), Global 4a(0), Global 4a(1) or 3, 4, 0, 1, 2. This can be done easily in the DLTCEP utility.

05.11.04 Fixed HALFG5.DLG

  1. Halfling Man, AR4010 - is missing triggers for two conversation options once the Firewine Ruins Ogre Mage is dead.
    1. Add triggers in [State 7] Dead("DICK") ReactionGT(LastTalkedToBy,HOSTILE_UPPER).
    2. Add triggers in [State 8] Dead("DICK") ReactionLT(LastTalkedToBy,NEUTRAL_LOWER).
    3. Ensure there are no Actions and no Responses referring to Actions.
    4. Reorder State triggers so that Charmed moves to 0, others shifting down one position (use DLTCEP).

05.11.04 Fixed HALFG6.DLG, (DIALOG.TLK string 1252* Dialog Error)

  1. Halfling Man, AR4011 - is missing triggers for two conversation options (not necessarily an error). When charmed the halfling fails to give the Sling he says he is giving you. The dialogue fix should only allow him to offer the gift once.
    1. Add trigger in [State 9] Global("DXHalfg6b","GLOBAL",0).
    2. Add action in [Response 14] GiveItemCreate("SLNG02",LastTalkedToBy(),1,0,0) and SetGlobal("DXHalfg6b","GLOBAL",1).
    3. Add trigger in [State 7] ReactionGT(LastTalkedToBy,NEUTRAL_UPPER).
    4. Add trigger in [State 8] ReactionLT(LastTalkedToBy,FRIENDLY_LOWER).
    5. Rewrite [State trigger 4] to read StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CHARMED)
    6. Change Response StringRef in [State 10] to 1252.
    7. Reorder State triggers to Charm (Global 0), Charm, Num(0), ReactionGT, ReactionLT or 3, 4, 0, 1, 2. This can be done easily in the DLTCEP utility.

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