Alpha FixPacks for BG1

The following FixPacks are NOT intended as completed fixes for BG1. If you want to use completed and tested versions please visit the Completed FixPacks section.

This page is provided for anyone who is brave enough to act as a guinea pig (or giant miniature space hamster) for untested fixes, with the intention of reporting bugs and suggestions back to me in the hope of creating a finished product.

If you are:

  1. not completely confident with adding / deleting files from the Override folder
  2. in the middle of an adventure and really don't want to screw it up
  3. do not have your original discs at hand, and therefore cannot reinstall if something goes horribly wrong

then I would advise you wait until I and others have tested these fixes. You need the fortitude of Minsc to take on testing!


Download Size (KB) # Files Version / Date Description In-depth
error-file:tidyout.log No More Lightning Bolt Suicide 23 50 Alpha 1.0 - TWK



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