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To download BG1 DudleyFix, which is described in part below, please go to the Completed FixPacks page.

What does BG1 DudleyFix do?

This FixPack addresses a whole load of scripting, spelling and file errors in Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast. Yes, you should install Baldurdash first, and no, DudleyFix does not duplicate anything Baldurdash did, it fixes everything else. If you would like to see some mods I made for BG1 and TotSC please go to the Completed ModPacks page instead.

On this page . . .

This page reveals the errors in stores, inns and temples and the fixes required. There are many, many more fixes which you can peruse using the navigation menu.

Dialog Error - involves edit of the DIALOG.TLK file
* - custom files or new DIALOG.TLK strings

Fixed version 3.0

Verified Errors

05.11.04 Fixed STOSILEN.STO

  1. Shop of Silence, AR0809 - has no name and should be called "Shop of Silence".
    1. Change Name attribute from No such index to "Shop of Silence" string 20639.

05.11.04 Fixed TAV0721.STO, DIALOG.TLK string 1213* Dialog Error

  1. Taverns, AR0116, AR0165, AR0171, AR0705, AR0706, AR0720, AR0807, AR0808, AR1109, AR1110 - have no name but can be called "Tavern". This is consistent with every location they occur.
    1. Change Name attribute from No such index to "Tavern".

05.11.04 Fixed TEM0002.STO

  1. Temple of Helm, AR0002 - has no name but should be called "Temple of Helm".
    1. Change Name attribute from No such index to string 11703.

05.11.04 Fixed ALVAHE.DLG; YONDAL.STO*

  1. Alvanhendar's healing and sundries, AR4003 - is incorrectly titled "Temple of Helm". Use string 20713.
    1. Change [Action 0] from StartStore("Tem4802",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) to StartStore("Yondal",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)).
    2. Create YONDAL.STO based on TEM4802.STO but with Name attribute using string 20713 instead.

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