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To download BG1 DudleyFix, which is described in part below, please go to the Completed FixPacks page.

What does BG1 DudleyFix do?

This FixPack addresses a whole load of scripting, spelling and file errors in Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast. Yes, you should install Baldurdash first, and no, DudleyFix does not duplicate anything Baldurdash did, it fixes everything else. If you would like to see some mods I made for BG1 and TotSC please go to the Completed ModPacks page instead.

On this page . . .

This page reveals the errors in areas and the fixes required. There are many, many more fixes which you can peruse using the navigation menu.

Dialog Error - involves edit of the DIALOG.TLK file
* - custom files or new DIALOG.TLK strings

Fixed version 3.0

Orientation Errors

Multiple areas - there are many areas that reverse the direction of the party so they are facing where they have just entered from! This makes mages very vulnerable to attack, being that they are usually positioned at the rear of the party formation. Such areas are marked below as follows:

(RevX) : indicates that when the party enters this area their direction is reversed to face X (where X is a compass direction).

If YOU come across any orientation problems please email me!

Verified Errors

07.02.05 Fixed AR0002.ARE (RevS)

  1. Temple of Helm
    1. Change Facing direction to N.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0004.ARE

  1. Cabinet highlight is not accurately drawn around the container.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0018.ARE

  1. Two cabinets and wardrobe highlights are not accurately drawn around the containers.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0101.ARE

  1. Chest highlight in lounge is not accurately drawn around the container.

12.01.05 Fixed AR0102.ARE (RevS)

  1. Blushing Mermaid
    1. Change Facing direction to N (SW staircase).

20.10.04 Fixed AR0105.ARE

  1. Blade and Stars, 1st level - has a barrel and sack with mismatched highlights.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0107.ARE

  1. Blade and Stars, 3rd level - has a chest with a table sound and table "searched graphic".
    1. Change Type attribute in Container 1 from Table (5) to Chest (2).

20.10.04 Fixed AR0111.ARE

  1. A slave is actually positioned in the Duchal Palace basement but disappears because of a personal script tied up with the Cloakwood Mines. While this is one error, one should also ask do the dukes keep slaves as opposed to servants considering their good alignment? It would be more likely he is a petty thief apprehended by the Flaming Fist in the basement, in which case he should be a prisoner instead.
    1. Change Actor #4 Character attribute from SLAVE4.CRE to PRISON.CRE.

17.12.04 Fixed AR0114.ARE (RevS)

  1. Blushing Mermaid
    1. Change Facing direction to NNE.

16.07.06 Fixed AR0130.ARE (RevSW), BREVLI.DLG

  1. Brelik, AR0705 and the Hall of Wonders - when the containers are broken into they summon guards who bizarrely do not count towards Brevlik's no-killing-guards policy. Brevlik has poorly prioritised dialogue so that the player is not penalised for killing the guards in the Hall of Wonders. Upon testing it would appear that a script that triggers the penalty is erroneously attached to the guards themselves. Additionally only the existing guards in the Hall count towards the no-killing rule while those summoned by opening the chests can be slaughtered without scuppering the mission. I have also modified the result of attacking Brevlik so that he summons the Flaming Fist, rather than some local hoodlums, then flees. This is pertinent as he accuses you of robbing the Hall of Wonders and if you fight the hoodlums no-one in the tavern bats an eyelid.
    1. Change Facing direction to North (8).
    2. Change all Container's Trap scripts to ACTFLAM6.BCS.
    3. Change the trigger value in [State 19] from 4 to 3, ensuring that the original trigger 3 in [State 18] now becomes 4, this can be done easily in the DLTCEP utility.
    4. Change [Action 13] to Wait(3) CreateCreature("FLAMEN",[1073.433],1) Create Creature("FLAMEN2",[1018.486],1) SetGlobal("HelpBrevlik","GLOBAL",2) EscapeArea().

05.11.04 Fixed AR0154.ARE, DIALOG.TLK string 15359 Dialog Error

  1. Keexie Tavern, AR0154 and Burning Wizard, AR3307 - the bartender downstairs in the Keexie Tavern opens up a store called Burning Wizard and the bartender's dialogue in the Burning Wizard refers to the city, whereas Beregost is a town.
    1. Change CRE of Bartender from BART13.CRE to BART12.CRE.
    2. Edit string 15359 from "Hope the city treats ya kindly." to "Hope the town treats ya kindly."

20.10.04 Fixed AR0159.ARE

  1. Barrel highlight is not accurately drawn around the container.

26.07.06 Fixed AR0400.ARE, AR0400.WED, AR0400SR.BMP, AR0900.ARE, WORLDMAP.WMP, OPEN0400.BCS

  1. Farmlands - this map is accessible from two locations in AR0900: (1) behind Tenya's house on the east bank of the river; and (2) north of the Baldur's Gate bridge on the west bank. Logically, if you left the Farmlands (AR0400) via its southernmost point you should arrive on the west bank of the river (AR0900). However the game actually places you in the SE corner of the map (AR0900)! This makes no sense either if you have gained permission to cross or not. Many thanks to Jonathan Ellis for clarifying this bug. And even bigger thanks to Smoketest for providing the key to the solution. I have reinstated the option to travel to Ulgoth's Beard from behond Tenya's hut which was erroneously removed in an earlier fix.
    1. Add Entrance to AR0400.ARE (Exit0900, 1385, 3592, 8h).
    2. Add Entrance to AR0900.ARE (Exit0400, 1116, 176, 0h).
    3. Add Entrance to AR0900.ARE (Exit1000, 4039, 235, 0h).
    4. Add Trigger with Proximity trigger to AR0900.ARE with Bounding 482, 3, 2035, 69; Vertex 0 520, 2; Vertex 1 482, 35; Vertex 2 482, 69; Vertex 3 1947, 69; Vertex 4 2024, 36; Vertex 5 2035, 3. This is best started in IETME and finished in NI.
    5. In Area entry 14 (AR0400) change Target Entrance in South link to Exit0400 in WORLDMAP.WMP.
    6. Remove all flags from Area entry 14.
    7. In Area entry 15 (AR0900) change Target Entrance in first North link to Exit0900 in WORLDMAP.WMP.
    8. In Area entry 50 change Target Entrance in first East link to Exit1000 in WORLDMAP.WMP.
    9. Create OPEN0400.BCS with IF Entered([ANYONE]) Global("Chapter","GLOBAL",5) THEN RESPONSE #100 RevealAreaOnMap("AR0400") END.

24.07.06 Fixed AR0511.ARE

  1. Two items found in containers are unequippable because they are meant for use by monsters only.
    1. Change Item 1 in Container 1 from SHLD18.ITM to SHLD05.ITM.
    2. Change Item 3 in Container 8 from HELM13.ITM to HELM10.ITM.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0513.ARE

  1. Two treasure piles have incorrect Type attributes which makes them invisible and uncollectable.
    1. Change Type attribute of Containers 4 and 8 from Bag (1) to Pile (4).

20.10.04 Fixed AR0514.ARE, AR0514.WED

  1. Durlag's Labyrinth Level 4 - the Helmed Horrors in the forge are visible through the closed door and will move to attack you on that basis. There is no open door graphic inside the open highlight and when I played the game one of the Helmed Horrors simply disappeared but continued to make noises after I opened the buggy door. You cannot close this door once opened either. Additionally, when you first meet Grael he is standing on an acidic slime trap taking damage. This defies sense. Either he should be immune to acid if he is meant to be able to walk on the slime traps or he should be placed just beyond the trap. In this instance I have removed the "broken" door graphic and moved Grael and another monster so that they do not begin in the acid taking damage.
    1. Delete Door 1 from ARE and WED files.
    2. Move Grael to x 639 y 3110.
    3. Move Crypt Crawler (Actor 19) to x 589 y 3004.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0700.ARE

  1. Two barrel highlights are not accurately drawn around the containers and a sack has a pick up point underneath a girl.

17.12.04 Fixed AR0703.ARE (RevS)

  1. Sorcerous Sundries
    1. Change Facing direction to North.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0705.ARE (RevSE)

  1. Elfsong Tavern
    1. Change Facing direction to NorthWest.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0709.ARE

  1. Barrel highlight is not accurately drawn around the container.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0715.ARE

  1. Barrel highlight is not accurately drawn around the container.

20.10.04 Fixed AR0724.ARE (RevS), AR0725.ARE (RevS), AR0726.ARE

  1. Gambling Tents and Diviner's Tent, AR0700 - all have incorrect flags set that make them act like outdoors areas which in the case of the diviner's tent makes his fire emit no light at all.
    1. Remove all Location flags from each file.
    2. Change Facing direction to North in AR0724 and AR0725.

06.01.05 Fixed AR0803.ARE (RevS)

  1. Maltz's Weapon Shop
    1. Change Facing direction to NW.

17.12.04 Fixed AR0805.ARE (RevS)

  1. Arkion's House
    1. Change Facing direction to NNW.

20.10.04 Fixed AR2004.ARE, AR2005.ARE

  1. Large huts - have pillows with a sack "searched graphic". I suggest making them the same as the pillow in the Candlekeep library.
    1. Change Type attribute of Container 2 in AR2004 from Bag (1) to Nonvisible (8).
    2. Change Type attribute of Container 1 in AR2005 from Bag (1) to Nonvisible (8).

20.10.04 Fixed AR3201.ARE

  1. House - has a chest with a bag sound and bag "searched graphic".
    1. Change Type attribute in Container 1 from Bag (1) to Chest (2).

05.12.04 Fixed AR3601.ARE

  1. Black Alaric's Cave - removes the exploit of the infinitely respawning highly lucrative Flesh Golems if you rest in the caves.
    1. Change Creature string 1 to 10297.
    2. Change Creature 1 to CARRIO.CRE.
    3. Chance of encounter reduced to 7.

20.10.04 Fixed AR4701.ARE (RevS)

  1. Cave
    1. Change Facing direction to North.

20.10.04 Fixed AR5101.ARE (RevS)

  1. Cave
    1. Change Facing direction to North.

01.12.04 Fixed (WORLDMAP.WMP)

  1. Archaeological Site - has an option to travel West to an area (AR3700) that is East of the map, though the travel zone in AR4100.ARE is not present. I have re-enabled this travel option.
    1. Move West travel area to make second East travel area.

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