The Fans Speak!

It's nice to be rewarded for your work and to stumble around for a while with a big head. Thanks to everyone who mailed in with comments, queries, bugs in my bug fixes - you're all wonderful!

I also want to say a big, big thank you to everyone who has contributed towards making the BG1 FixPacks so comprehensive and to everyone who has helped polish the rough edges on the BG1 and TotSC Walkthrough.

Reputation +11

"What an excellent site! Thank you for an elegant and useful BG site!"

Urbana, Illinois, USA

Reputation +10

"Just want to say what a great site this is. Its very informative and detailed and has certainly made my experience of playing BG a lot more entertaining, keep up the good work"

Birmingham, England

Reputation +9

"... I just recently discovered this site and I think it is excellent. Keep up the good work."

Washington DC, USA

Reputation +8

"Your walkthrough is the best there is..."


Reputation +7

"Your website is structured marvellously! The design is extremely neat and polished. The text clear and exahustive. The gaming changes due to Dudleyville's fixes and tweaks are just great. What more might we wish for?"


Reputation +6

"I'm re-playing BG1 while using your walkthrough and am having a ball covering all of the stuff
I missed the first time around.

"Thanks so much!"

Layne Benofsky
Washington State, USA

Reputation +5

"I wanted to say I really appreciate the work you are doing for the Baldur's Gate community. The Fixes I downloaded really help making the game more balanced and interesting. Hopefully most of the bugs problems in the game are now solved.

"From the day I discovered the existense of fixes like Baldurdash and DudleyFix I never played Baldur's Gate without them installed. Keep up the good job and I hope you release the new fixed versions of SPL and DIALOG.TLK files very soon."

Ralf van Leeuwen
The Netherlands

Reputation +4

"I have been playing this game with your web page as the guide and I have to say you have a great web page the maps and directions are first rate.



Reputation +3

"Fantastic BG1 site! Undoubtedly the most thorough ever!"


Reputation +2


"i just got to know ur page through bioware-forum and hey, thats indeed the best map-walkthrough ive ever seen. so nice layout and so perfectly accurate. i really enjoyed going through it :) ive been looking for good walkthroughs for decades now ;) and i think my search has an end now :)))"

Bavaria (Germany)

Reputation +1

"We would just like to thank you for a wonderful job well done on your website for the BG levels.

"It's clear and concise in its approach and we have discovered more areas than we realised we had missed, especially in the city of BG.

"Congratulations, it's the BEST walkthrough and map guide we have seen on the web."

Mark & Cheryl
SE England


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