Cursors, Icons and Wallpaper

Always scan downloads for viruses before opening them. These downloads should be safe but I make no guarantees. You have been warned!


WinZip fileDownload all cursors - 3 KB

Sword cursor Help cursor Mini cursor Busy cursor



WinZip fileDownload all icons - 8 KB

Shield icon Wheel icon Mask icon Closed chest icon Open chest icon Faces icon



WinZip fileLow glare 1024 x 768 BMP - 1.73 MB

WinZip fileStrong colour 1024 x 768 BMP - 1.69 MB

Low glare Strong colour


Please credit Bioware for the artwork! Dudleyville provides the above items for personal use only. Simply click the link to download the file. Files are zipped so require WinZip, PKUnzip or equivalent.


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